Privacy Policy

What information will be collected to use the (SCU) website?

There are a few different types of information that can be collected from customers.

The first is contact information, such as name, email address, and phone number. This information is used to create an account for the customer and to contact them if there are any problems with their order.

The second type of information is billing information, such as credit card number and expiration date. This information is used to process payments for purchases made on the website.

The third type of information is shipping information, such as address and delivery method. This information is used to calculate shipping costs and deliver the order to the correct location.

The fourth type of information is order information, such as product name and quantity. This information is used to create the order and track it until it’s complete.

The fifth type of information is order status, such as “shipped” or “not shipped”. This information is used to track the progress of the order until it’s complete.

How will this information be used?

The website will use the information from the customer to build a shopping cart and create an order. The customer will be able to view their order history, which includes previous orders and expected delivery times for future orders.

We will use the information from the customer to create a shipping method and calculate shipping costs. We will also use the customer information to create an invoice on the checkout page before the payment.

Third-party sharing of information

Third-party websites may include their tracking features, such as Facebook or Twitter sharing of information. Including third-party cookies. Some third-party websites include their tracking feature which can be paired with data collected through our website.

These cookies are used to track your visit and to improve your overall shopping experience. The information collected by our third-party site tracking features is not used to identify you personally. You can disable the data collection, e.g. by disabling the feature on Facebook or Twitter, or by visiting the websites of these companies directly.

Third-party website tracking cookies may also be included to enable them to deliver and manage online advertising campaigns.

SCU also uses Google Analytics to analyze the usage of the website, track user trends and improve performance.

Your rights as a website visitor :

You have the right to withdraw your consent for the use of cookies used at any time. This will not affect the availability of a shopping experience without these cookies. Please contact to learn more about your rights and how you can exercise them.

You may purchase any item on the website. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your order has been received and processed.

All rights reserved © – All images & text are protected under copyright laws. No part of this website, including images, text, and designs, may be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the prior written consent of Sportscustomuniform (SCU).

Who can see the information?

The information about your visit will only be used to process the order. This information is not shared with anyone outside of Sportscustomuniform, nor is it sold or rented to third parties for any use whatsoever. uses a secure server that encrypts all information and stores it in a database on our servers. To process your order, Sportscustomuniform must have access to this information.

Do you share this information with any third party? No. Sportscustomuniform only shares your information with the companies and vendors that it uses to provide the services we offer. Sportscustomuniform does not sell or rent any of your personal information to third parties.

How long is my information stored? Your personal information will be stored as long as you have an active Sportscustomuniform account.

What happens if I cancel or terminate my account? Sportscustomuniform will keep your information for a period as required by law. If you are using your account to buy anything, we will keep the information needed to fulfill the order (i.e. ids and shipping addresses) for a period of up to two years after your account is closed.

What happens if I forget my password? If you have forgotten your password, contact us at customer service. What if I have additional questions? Contact us at customer service.

What steps will be taken to protect user data?

Sportscustomuniform is committed to providing you with a secure shopping experience on our site. We use encryption in all of our online transactions as well as in emails sent to you.

We follow strict guidelines for the storage, use, and protection of all user data. Sportscustomuniform uses state-of-the-art security software and security protocols to protect your personal information from unauthorized access.

We will never sell or share your information with any third party. We will also never disclose your personal information to any other organization or individual. We will only use your personal information for the purposes described in this privacy policy.

Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome any comments or questions that you may have. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

SCU ( holds the right to update this page without any prior notice. This Policy was last updated on 02/03/2021.